Day 1

At 08:00 depart bound for Toro Toro. Lunch en route. Arrive at 14:00 approx., Accommodation at Hostal Las Hermanas or similar. During the afternoon we will visit the Eco circuit stop red face "Ara rubrogenys" where we know the viewpoint of the Cañon de Toro Toro (natural phenomenon where you can see different tectonic plates of various geological eras), then continue on to El Vergel where we can enjoy bathing in pools of crystal clear water cascades formed by presenting beautiful forms of petrified moss, also you will notice the vast mudflats of pink rock, washed by the same waters. << br> Return to town. Cena. Hosting.

Day 2

After breakfast we head to the caves of "Uma Jalanta" (10 km approx.). These caves are a challenge for adventurers in their interior you will discover waterfalls reflections flashing a shower of stars, stalactites and stalagmites, white limestone, formed by the slow drip of centuries. Penetrating further, we will find a tranquil lake inhabited by "blind fish" universal rarity, it is one of the few places in the world where they can be seen.
Brunch. Hike to the dinosaur tracks and Carnosaurs, both dating back 80 million years, the period "Mesozoic". Dinner and overnight.

Day 3

Breakfast. During the morning drive Yunguma populations and limit Ovejería in which we find a majestic mountain range of sedimentary socas, known as City of Itas (set of stone labyrinths leading to countless narrow caverns.
Return to the town of Toro Toro. Brunch. A convenient time return to the city of Cochabamba